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Hi Readers, in this article I'm going to share some moral quotes from the PANCHATHANTHRA series.
  Most of the people know what is panchathanthra, anyway I will give you some brief introduction to that,

Panchatantra is a series of more than 3000 jungle stories, each with a moral written by Pandit Vishnu Sharma.Panchatantra tales are available in the original form , and has survived 5000 years

King Amarashakti ruled over a vast kingdom south of the Vindhyas.  The king had three sons. But all the three were duffers of the first order. The king was very sad, that after his death,  his kingdom would suffer.
One of his ministers , seeing his King in total depression, introduced him to a very intelligent man , Vishnu Sharma.

The King offered Vishnu Sharma lot of land and money, if he could do something with his three children, and make them worthy princes.

Vishnu Sharma declined to take the money. He took all the three boys with him to his ashram, and gave them unlimited wisdom in 6 months flat.

It was a sort of miracle. His method was simple. He did not teach. He narrated interesting stories-- more than 3000 of them.

Each story had a main moral, which slowly, the princes could come up with, on their own . He sort of formatted their subconscious minds.

Some Morals from the PANCHATHANTHRA.....

 * Misfortune shows you all those who are not your friends.

 * You know your friends in adversity, not prosperity.

 * Most of your pain is self chosen .

 * Nobody does anything in a particular way , for one single reason. 

 *  Be grateful to people who helps you , without expecting anything in return.

 * If you are patient in one moment of anger, it will save you a 100 days of sorrow.

 * You are not punished for your anger, but always by your anger.

 * A friend is someone who walks in when others walk past.

 * Practice moderation in life.

 * Some people seek to help, not to please.

 * Effectiveness is doing the right thing.

 * A slip of the tongue can cost your dear.

 * A suspicious mind always looks at the black side of things.

 * Pride goes before a fall.

 * Rush of blood makes you vulnerable.

 * Anger can destroy you.

 * Be happy with your lot.

 * Do not go beyond your limits.

 * A helpless person must not abuse.

 * Strike the iron only when it is hot.

 * When you abuse a powerful man , do not do it in public, as opportunists will take immediate advantage.

 * Important people sometimes do not have the time to waste over you, and hence will help you on their time
    table and methods , not yours. 

 * Do not put your mouth into motion before your brain is in gear.

 * Ingratitude is not tolerated, that is why the fox had the guts to eat up the sparrow whom the lion helped.

 * Jhatka o surge can hurt you, the lion used his warm shit to thaw the tender sparrow.

 * Sometimes people may shit on you for your own good.

 * Know your friends, who help you in need.

 * All are prone to temptation.

 * Help is help, which ever way it is.

 * Don’t abuse somebody because he gave you only 10 dollars charity while you expected 15.

 * A sharp tongue only slits our own lip.

 * Indulging in short term pleasures are ok, but don’t do it for too long.

 * Never jump the gun, for if you do that you lose the race at the starting line.

 * When you are neck deep in shit and still comfortable be patient, and work things out with a cool head.

One story with lot of meaning ,,, Read it below ....

There was this sparrow, pretty but headstrong and sharp tongued
She got fed up with her lot and tried flying high
For long she flew higher and higher with gay abandon
Suddenly her wings froze and she fell to mother earth in a tail spin
A passing lion saw her , and took pity on the frozen bird
He had promises to keep , and miles to go before he could sleep
The kind lion shat on the sparrow , to thaw her
Her beak thawed first--  she heaped abuses on the lion for crapping on her
A passing fox heard the din, walked past the lion , and ate the sparrow.

 Follow these morals, you wont end up in mess...... Thanks for reading..... 

Reference : Panchathanthra, Capt Ajit Vadakayil, Google Images.

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